January 04, 2010

Scene Sound is a software program used to increase the immersiveness of table-top roleplaying games. Scenes, like a movie soundtrack, may consist of music and sound effects. Effects may play once, continuously, or randomly. You also create scripts will can control every aspect of your scene. Once you have the perfect scene, create a single-file package to share with friends or upload your scene file here for the entire Scene Sound community to enjoy!

January 04, 2010
  • Surround Sound support up to 7.1 channels
  • Search, filter, and tag your entire library for fast, easy access to all your files
  • Mix multiple sounds from files and CD sources. Supports mp3,wav, aac, mp4, flac, and more.
  • Add streaming internet stations from pls or m3u playlists.
  • Random sounds with adjustable time spans
  • Set hotkeys for all effects
  • Linked sounds. One sound waits for another linked sound to play and finish. Multiple links can even be used to create a loop with the first sound linked to the last in the chain
  • Scripting. Not a scripting language, but an interface to control nearly every function in Scene Sound. Use a script for specific events in a scene like the arrival of the BBEG or other dramatic moments
  • Save a created scene as a single file package. This wraps up everything for the scene and creates a package file which can then be sent to another user
  • Add multiple folders to the Library Manager to access all of your files on your local computer or across a network
January 04, 2010