Future Development Fundraising
December 9, 2010

Scene Sound is, and always will be, free but you can support future development by making a PayPal donation from the button below.

Your ideas and suggestions are always appreciated. Email your feature requests and bug reports to support@cyclobster.com

New Forums and Scene Sound Online Discussion
February 22, 2014

Since the old forums have shut down, I created a new Google group for the discussion of Scene Sound. The topic of the day is Scene Sound Online, a web-based version of Scene Sound that keeps your favorite features and adds a host of new options. Interested? Chime in here at the new forums.

Version 2.2.211 Released
February 11, 2013

At the request of a forum member, Scene Sound now has two more ways of interacting with hotkeys. Pressing a hotkey still select a random sound associated with that hotkey, but Shift+Hotkey will stop all associated sounds, and Ctrl+Hotkey will restart all associated sounds. Restarted sounds play automatically from the begining and is a good way to restart streaming music that has stalled.

Pillage and Plunder (Sound Files)
February 21, 2012

While we maintain a selection of free scenes and sounds created by the community, your options here are still pretty small and narrow in their range. Since Scene Sound doesn't come with any sounds out of the box, the next question most people have is where to download music and sound effects. Here are my two personal favorites:

  • SoundDogs.com. Their huge collection of sound effects almost guarantees you'll find what you need.
  • FreeSound.org. The Freesound Project is a repository of Creative Commons licensed audio samples.

Remember that .mp3 files are good for keeping file sizes small, but if you want to loop your music or sound effect seamlessly you'll want to use a different format such as .wav.

Did you know you can add sound effects directly to your Library using Scene Sound's built-in browser? Open the browser by selecting View > Sounds Browser and load your favorite website. Drag a link to a supported file to any of your Library folders, and Scene Sound will download it directly to that folder.

Have your own suggestions for sound sources? Post them over in the Sound Requests & Suggestions board of the forums.

Version 2.1.221 Released
February 21, 2012

Nothing fancy here, just cleaning up a few bugs, including a graphical glitch, that slipped into the last release.

Version 2.1.208 Released
February 8, 2012

From the Feature Requests board of the forums, comes two new features and one from me.

  • Fading and Crossfading. Each sound now has a fade-in, fade-out, and crossfade value. This is particularly good for seamless mixing of music tracks. You can find the new fading sliders in the Extended Sound Configuration panel for any sound.
  • Tags Cleaner. If you have the tendency to reorganize and reorder your sound collection, you may have noticed that your custom tags don't follow. The new Tag Cleaner (Library > Tags > Clean Tags) will search your libraries and attempt to relink tags with their correct files.
  • Sound Timeline. While playing, each sound will display its current position in the timeline that appears below the sound. You can click and drag along the timeline to change the current position of the sound.

Additional release notes are available in the Releases forum.

Version 2.1.107 Released
January 7, 2012

The first release of 2012 brings with it 7.1 surround sound support and selectable output devices.

Additional release notes are available in the Releases forum.

7.1 Surround Sound Coming Soon
December 1, 2011

Thanks to Todd for the generous donation of new speakers, the next version of Scene Sound will support 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound setups. Soon, sounds will be able to be sent to any combination of speakers for a dynamic wrap-around experience.

Look for the new release in the upcoming weeks.

Forums are now open
August 22, 2011

The support forums for Scene Sound are now live at http://scenesound.freeforums.org.

Version 2.0.1029 Released
October 29, 2011

This is a quick release to resolve the issue created by a typo in version 2.0.1023 that would create duplicate lines in the settings file. While this error doesn't impact the functionality of Scene Sound, it will increase the file size of the settings.xml file each time the program runs.

This update resolves this problem and removes any duplicate setting entries.

Version 2.0.1023 Released
October 23, 2011

This is a quick release to add a most-wanted feature of mine: disabling system sounds. Nothing helps ruin a mood faster than the annoying ding! that Windows plays because it thinks you're pressing an invalid key that happens to be one of your hotkeys. When selected from the Master Volume menu, Scene Sound will disable all system sounds while it's running and restore them when it closes.

Additional release notes are available in the Releases forum.

Version 2.0
October 14, 2011

Version 2.0 of Scene Sound is now available and has some major improvements for those of you with large sound collections.

  • Search and Filter. Two ways to help you find the perfect sound for a new scene. Enter multiple keywords separated by a comma and Scene Sound will suggest words matching your existing filenames and tags. Search by pressing the enter key or clicking the search button, or filter by pressing shift+enter or clicking the filter button.
  • File Tags. Enter a comma-separated list of tags for any sound or scene file for quick reference later. Scene Sound will keep track of tags you'd used in the past to speed entry and help elimate typos.
  • Details View. See the file location, size, dates, and tags for the currently selected library item. By default this feature comes turned on, but you can shut it off by unchecking the menu Library -> Show Library Details.

Some of these features started as suggestions posted to the Feature Request board of our forum. If there is something you'd like to see added, post a request and we'll see what we can do.

Additional release notes are available in the Releases forum.

Version 1.9.725 Released
July 25, 2011

This is a quick patch to fix a problem with Random FX only playing the first sound in the list. Thanks to an eagle-eyed and -eared user for catching that bug!

Version 1.9.723 Released
July 23, 2011

Scene Sound v1.9.723 has been released. This new version contains a couple of new features to make using Scene Sound even faster.

  • Library Search. Finding a specific sound in your growing library of music and sound effects just got easier. Scene Sound will suggest items starting with your search terms as you type, and clicking the search button (or just pressing enter) will match all items containing your terms.
  • Automatic Chaining. Whenever you add multiple items from your library (by adding the folder) into a scene, you now have the option to automatically chain these items together. Chained items automatically play in order one after another. Works great when adding an entire folder of music!
  • Hotkey Groups. Do you have multiple versions of the same sound effect that you'd like to play randomly with a hotkey? Simply assign each of the sounds the same hotkey then when you press that hotkey, Scene Sound will randomly select one of those sounds to play. For example, I have five different versions of a dog barking and I don't care which version plays. I don't like having the same version play every time and I don't want to remember five different hotkeys. Now I can assign each effect the same hotkey of "d" and let them play randomly each time I press "d".
Version 1.9.616 Released
June 16, 2011

Scene Sound v1.9.616 has been released. In addition to bug fixes, this release introduces scene merging.

  • Scene Merging. Open multiple scenes at the same time by merging a scene with one that is already open. Merge a scene by selecting "Merge..." from the File menu, holding down Shift while dragging a scene from the library, pressing Shift+Enter on a highlighted library scene, or right-clicking the scene and selecting "Merge Scene with Existing" Merging multiple scenes will not modify or overwrite your saved scenes unless you choose to do so.
Staying in sync with Dropbox and Library Path Substitution
March 13, 2011

Scene Sound v1.9.313 includes new features for managing multiple Scene Sound installations. If you have Scene Sound installed on more than one computer, click here to see one possible solution for keeping everything in sync.

Version 1.9.313 Released
March 13, 2011

Scene Sound v1.9.313 has been released. In addition to a few bug fixes, this release includes a feature to help people who use Scene Sound on multiple machines.

  • Library Path Substitution. From the Library Manager, right-click on a folder path and select Assign Name. Now whenever you save a scene or a universal collection, Scene Sound will subsititute the actual path with the assigned name.
Version 1.8.1224 Released
December 24, 2010

Just in time for your holiday gaming, Scene Sound v1.8.1224 is now available for download. Included in this version:

  • A brand new script editor. This new editor is easier to understand, much faster to use when creating even the most advanced scripts, and quicker to review at a glance.

    Watch the new video tutorial to see the potential of this new editor.
  • More scripting commands. Change FX settings, random selection value, pan sliding, stop all sounds from a specific section, and more. Press F4 from the new script editor to view all the commands.
  • The random selection functions have been revamped to better handle chance selection values. Previously, setting the random chance % would set the percentage chance that the random sound would play if selected. Now the value represents the chance that the sound will be selected to play. Unbalanced percentage totals are handled internally, so having two random sounds at 2% each is handled the same as if they were both 50%.
  • FX reset button on the extended configuration panel turns the effect off without needing to manually adjust the slider.
  • Expanded sound information tip. Shows all the details about a sound when clicking or hovering over the sound title.
  • Automatic updates check keeps you up-to-date with the latest releases. If you prefer to check manually, you can turn this off from the help menu.
  • Bug fixes including the last sound in the random section not playing, incorrect panning on certain files, improved echo fx, and more.
Version 1.8.1208 Released
December 9, 2010

Scene Sound v1.8.1208 has been released. This version adds:

  • Hotkey Summary. This new floating window lists all hotkeyed sounds for easy reference
  • Non-blocking Volume Slide. Scripting a volume slide no longer pauses the script until the volume reaches its final value; the next command is run immediately. Multiple sounds can now slide simultaneously. One benefit is that you can now script a cross-fade to fade one sound out while fading a new sound in. If you have any scripts that depended on waiting for a slide to finish, add a wait command directly after the slide volume command with a value equal to the time required to complete the slide.
  • Pan Fix. Panning left-to-right is now correct
  • Keyboard Shortcuts. Shift+L to focus Library panel, Shift+C to focus Scripts
  • Keyboard Functionality. More keyboard control for playing scenes and sounds from the Library
  • Streaming Radio. Improvements to streaming content playback
  • Improved Sound Details. The tips that displays when hovering over the sound title now also displays playback, extended options, and linking information
New Video Tutorials
October 05, 2010

Three new video tutorials have been published to the Scene Sound YouTube channel. You may view all of our tutorials on the Tutorials page.

Version 1.7.928 Released
September 28, 2010

Scene Sound v1.7.928 has been released. This version adds:

  • Popup Help. Every icon and control now features a popup help description that explains the function and usage.
Version 1.7.726 Released
July 26, 2010

Scene Sound v1.7.726 has been released. This version adds:

  • Bug Fixes. Fixed a bug in the pan slider which was set to the left channel. Universal Collections now prompt for save when updated.
  • Panel Status. The Random and Universal Collection panels now feature status text which display the random settings and collection titles
Version 1.7.723 Released
July 23, 2010

Scene Sound v1.7.723 has been released. This version adds:

  • Multiple Universal Collections. You can have as many universal collections as you like. Switching between your collections is fast and independent of the currently loaded scene.
  • Bug Fixes. Bugs related to volume scripting commands, universal collections, and initial volume of load-delayed sounds like streaming files have been fixed.
  • Slide Volume Scripting Command. The raise and lower volume scripting commands have been replaced with the slide volume command. The slide command is more precise because you specify the amount of time you want to take reaching the new volume.
Tip: Gapless Looping of Sound FX
July 23, 2010
To get sound to loop seamlessly without silence between loops, avoid using a MP3 file. MP3 files will have a slight delay of 528 samples before playing; this causes a moment of silence which can be heard on a continuous loop. Instead, for gapless looping, use another format such as WAV, FLAC, or OGG.
Version 1.6.309 Released
March 18, 2010

Scene Sound v1.6.309 has been released. This version adds:

  • Special Effects. You can apply special effects like echo, flanger, tempo, and pitch to all your sound effects in real-time. Special effects also work on streaming internet radio stations.
  • Volume Boost. For those sounds that were recorded too low, volume boost (gain) can raise the maximum volume by up to +19 db.
  • Random Control. A percentage slider for sounds placed in the Random FX. Instead of every random sound having the exact same chance to be played, you can control the percentage chance that an individual sound will be selected for random play.
  • Universal FX. The Universal FX section holds all of your sounds that are independent of the current scene. Sounds dropped into the Unverisal FX section are loaded at startup and are always available regardless of the scene that is loaded.

You will find special effects, volume boost, and random fx control in the Extended Sound Configuration window for each sound. Click the icon in the lower right of any sound to display the Extended Sound Configuration window for that sound.

Version 1.5.2016 Released
February 19, 2010

Scene Sound v1.5.2016 has been released. This version adds the ability to play Ogg Vorbis (.ogg) files, a status light for random fx, and adds the enable random sounds to the scripts editor.

Due to an error in the previous version's installer, uninstalling that version or installing a new version will erase your Library Manager settings. You may handle this two ways:

  1. Let the previous version uninstall your settings and then recreate your library the first time you run the new version, or
  2. Open Windows Explorer, browse to %appdata% folder and copy the Scene Sound folder to a safe location. After installing the new version, copy that folder back into the %appdata% folder.

We apologize for any inconvenience. Future versions will not have this issue.

Welcome to Scene Sound
January 12, 2009

Finally. After many hours, we can introduce you to both Scene Sound and its community website. The site is still new, so if you run into any strange behavior or unexpected errors, please email us as support@cyclobster.com with a short description of the problem.

If you wondering how to get started, how about:

New Screenshots Available
January 04, 2010